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UpWork Reviews: Can you make money with UpWork?

Upwork (Formally Odesk)Upwork Main Page
Overall Ranking: 85 out of 100
Price: See Upwork Costs below
Owners: CEO – Stephane Kasriel

Who is Upwork

I came across while reading a article about REAL stay at home jobs. Here is the article if you would like to read it yourself (10 best (and real) work-at-home jobs). Like many of you I have a desire to work from home and be with my family more often.

Upwork who was formally known as Elance-Odesk is a organization that connects companies that need work done with people who are freelancers. Freelancers are self-employed individuals who work for one or more companies at a time and usually from wherever they would like to work.Upwork Categories

The companies that use Upwork services, post a request for a freelancer and within the post say the requirement for the position. Freelancers can also give a Bio/Profile so that companies have a list of freelancers to choose from if they prefer to do it that way instead.

The profile in which the freelancer fills out displays a description of their background, education and work history. It also allows them to list any certificates or diplomas that they have received.

A walk-thru of becoming a freelancerUpwork Create a Freelance Profile

If you want to become a freelancer of Upwork, they have a very easy to follow but detailed system to set up an account. First you click “become a freelancer” on the top right of the main home page. You are then directed to the page that will start your application process.

Upwork Freelance ProfileYou are then led to a page that will ask you to choose your area of expertise. They will offer you examples of what these fields covers when you click on them. Once you have chosen an area, they ask you to fill in your title, description of your skills and background, education and work history. They are very helpful with suggestions as to what to put down. Almost every field that you need to fill in has a description that will best help the clients choose you.

Once you fill out your application and hit save comes the moment that everyone expects, the up sell! Its Upwork Freelance upsellnot bad, but I tell you I was slightly upset after going through that much of the process. They have what they call connects and you get 60 with the free account and they disclose that the average job takes between 1-5 connects. The Plus Membership costs $10 and gives you 70 a month, but it comes with rollover. The Plus did come with some other features that seemed neat, but not enough for me to want to do it without testing the process first. If you are looking for a FREE education into a home business I do know one. Here is the review I wrote for them.

Upwork makes majority of their money by allowing you to set a bill rate for the companies that want your professional services. They take 10% of your bill rate as their fee. I don’t find this to be out of line for what is being offered. I kind of view it as a temp to hire type company who gets paid over and above what you would get paid when they found you a job.

When you are done choosing your membership they give you an option to see your profile or submit to Upwork for review. Once you are accepted (almost immediately for me) you are sent to a page that will allow you to do the last two steps before being able to submit for jobs, or have your profile available for viewing.

Upwork Freelance Skill TestsThey ask you to read their freelancer guide and policies and take three skill test. Be prepared the tests are no joke. They tend to all be about 40 questions and they say they should not take more then 40 minutes. You can scan through the 5 pages of tests, once you click on them it will give you a description of what the test goes over. It also lets you know what area of expertise it covers and how many people within Upwork has passed the test and taken the test. Ha, you can do the math and see how many people have failed.

They allow you to take unlimited tests to increase the chances someone requests your work, but if you fail you have to wait 30 days for it to be free again. I have not gotten to the failing point as of yet but they insinuate that you can pay to be able to do it before the 30 days is up.

Once this happens you are pretty much ready to roll, They are good about helping with getting you to where you need to be to get work.

PositivesPositive and Negative

  • Real work
  • Get more jobs and rehires by the quality of work that is performed
    • With the limited connects you will need them
  • Plenty of jobs available
  • Freelancers choose their pay rate
  • Ability to continue your profile strength


  • There are some unreliable people who post jobs
  • May have to weed thru several jobs to get one, or one that you want
  • Limit to amount of jobs you can take with the connect counts
  • They Charge for membership and take 10% of bill rate
  • You need to be really good at selling yourself in order to hired for great positions

Who can use Upwork

Upwork can certainly be used by anyone, but I caution people to not to outstretch their true skill limits. This can be easy to do with how Upwork is set up. You can inflate your true ability and you will be expected to perform the duties that the employer requires. By doing this you may ruin your reputation within Upwork and not get any future jobs.

TrainingTraining and Support

I have not been using very long so I cannot be 100% accurate to the training and support that Upwork provides, but I can tell you that from what I have seen so far they have a good source of training and it is pretty visible that they are whiling to help when you need it.

If for some reason you want to work with Upwork and just don’t feel confident yet that you have the skills to freelance in some or all of the area of expertise they offer work for, I can recommend using Wealthy Affiliates 7 FREE days of training in website development, Keyword, SEO and much more. By doing so you will have some skills to continue with them and be successful or come back to Upwork or do both.

Upwork Costs

I only looked into the costs to become a freelancer, so I am sure there are also costs to become a partner with them in which to have the ability to request to use a freelancer.

Free Membership – FREE (Includes 60 Connects)

Plus Membership – $10 (Includes 70 Connects and a few other features)

Upwork takes 10% of what you set as your bill rate as their fee.

*Discription of a Connect is in the article above

Final OpinionOpinion

Upwork can be a good tool to build a reputation in an area that you have some experience in as long as you can perform the duties that the hiring company is looking for. This will create a rehire situation in which you will get consistent work without needing to find it.

One of my only concerns are that you will either not have enough time to gain more skills in order to increase your bill rate and make the amount of money that you might need, or your reputation will get tarnished by erroneous companies who will say that you did not perform the duties required and not get consistent work.

I am whiling to give upwork a try, but as always I will keep my guard up and will update this post as needed, positive or negative.

Overall Ranking: 85 out of 100
Price: See Upwork Costs above
Owners: CEO – Stephane Kasriel

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of Upwork and I hope that you may have found it useful. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you,


Should I Quit My Job if it Makes Me Unhappy: Is it Going to Kill You?

FamilyThe Tough Questions

I have changed jobs so often it makes me sick when I look at my resume. The good that I take from it though is I have experience in many different industries. It’s not that I can’t hold a job, many of my jobs were for years at a time. I just felt led to make changes because the job was KILLING me.

These are the feelings I was having once again a little while ago, I could not make it another day. The difference this time was that I realized every time I changed my job was because I was truly unhappy. Each time was for a different reason, but the running theme was I was miserable.

The problem is I had to look deeper this time. I needed to find out why this had happened so many times. When it came down to it, I found that all my jobs up to this point OWNED me! I wasn’t present for my family enough, and I wouldn’t think about anything else because its what I had to do to survive.

Deciding what is most importantLighthouse

So, I realized what the problem was. Now what? I had to make the decision on what was MOST important. Do I keep working my tail off to still live check to check and spend very little quality time with my family. Or do I try to find something I can do both spend time with my family and provide for them.

The Search

I looked at every at home opportunity. Jobs that allow you to work from home and even looked into working a 9 to 5 job that would just be less money, less stress and more time with my family. My desire was to find something that I can be at home and grow my income as I work hard.

Wealthy Affiliates StarterThe Solution

Through the many many hours of searching I was finding nothing other then scams, MLM’s and dead end low paying online jobs that would require too much time. Several days into looking I got what I was looking for. When reviewing one of the many scams I was referred to a legit company that offered a FREE way to experience exactly what they offer.

Wealthy Affiliate gave me 2 FREE websites and 7 days of amazing access to their training and community of like-minded people. Simply said, I did not need 7 days to see the value. I had a professional looking website in a few days and was well on my way to a website that will be ranked on google.

Affiliate MarketingAffiliatemarketingtips

Affiliate Marking was not a new concept to me because in any sales industry you perform some sort of partnership with marketing. Be it a hand shake referral agreement or a partnership in which you need or want each other to achieve success.

Essentially Affiliate marketing provides ways for developed websites to advertise a companies products and earn a commission doing so. There are literally 100’s of thousands of companies that offer such programs. These typically pay upwards of 60%, but high yield companies like Amazon start at 4% and can go up from there based on your sales.

SuccessFinding Success when building websites for profit

When it comes down to it a good mix of high yield and high commission partnerships are best. You can capture the sales by targeting what your website audience would be interested buying. Becoming successful takes passion for what your audience wants to see. If you write about what you are most passionate about then you will find that this will be your audience.

I hope that you found that there can be something out there that will help you. Feeling stuck in a job has been an Achilles heal my entire life. I hope that you see that you can have a way out. And its not to say that what you find will lead to your financial savior, its the fact that you can be free and happy to do what you want to do.

As always feel free to contact me at [email protected] or comment below.


Thank you,






How to Learn How to Build a Website: Don’t think you can?

My personal story of how I came to building websitesCrossroads

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis several years ago and I have a physical job, so I knew that I would not be doing it forever. A Pastor of mine from where we used to live recently asked me and my family to move and help him plant a new Church in another state. I took this as God was telling me to stop killing myself working that job and go help. With that I was left with what to do.

My Wife and I discussed many scenarios. What we knew for sure was we wanted for me to not have to work 12 plus hours of hard labor 6-7 days a week anymore. We also had a desire to have me be at home more. My Wife homeshools the kids so me being around more would allow for some quality time that the family has deserved for a long time.

We discussed what kind of jobs I could do to accomplish what we wanted for our family. My Wife said, what about doing a website like we’ve talked about before. I then asked her how do I even find out how to learn how to build a website. She said, hopefully not by saying how 10 more times. She’s a hilarious!

WWWLearning How to Build a Website

I know learning how to build a website can be a daunting task. I have asked myself several times in the past 15 years if I wanted to take the time to learn how to build a website. Time and some insecurity about learning has always been the excuse for why I didn’t.

When my Wife and I decided we would look into it, I again was a little apprehensive. I started the usual way by looking up ways to get educated in website development. I was finding everything from community college courses to pricey online courses that I didn’t know for sure I would gain anything from. At least at a community college I get course credit from it. Knowing I really didn’t want to go to college and sit in a classroom after being away from that for so many years, I was growing frustrated.

I spent several more days doing research and I decided, maybe I needed to try and look into other stay at home opportunities till we move. Any of you that have maybe done this can attest that this is even worse when it comes to scams or low paying and too good to be true companies.

One day soon thereafter I responded to an ad that was posted in the area that we were moving to, even though it seemed to good to be true I felt that we would be close to the source if I needed to get help. They responded to me with the typical MLM answers, but provided me with the name of the company. I started researching who they were and looking up reviews on them.

My research brought me full circleResearch

When I was researching about the company that responded to me I of course was reading review after review saying that they were a scam. I have played this game enough to know that when you have so many people saying you are a scam then you probably are.

One review stood out to me in particular. Mid way through the review the person reviewing mentioned a similar story to mine about always wanting to develop websites. He shared that not knowing how to until he found the company that trained him. He shared a small link to a review that he did of that company, on the review of his I was currently reading. I appreciated that because it didn’t take away from reviewing what I was trying to read and also the link gave me the opportunity to read it when I was done.

I found who was going to learn from

The review title of the company that he linked to the last review was Wealthy Affiliate Review: Hands on learning for free. Now I was skeptical, but I know that titles are meant to draw people in so I pressed on with reading. He went on to explain that Wealthy Affiliate allows people to start a website for FREE with no credit card required. I was a little more interested now of course, so I kept reading.

The review went on saying that Wealthy Affiliate once you start your free website that for 7 days I would have full access to a community that would help me with it along with some free training classes during that time as well. The last thing that sold me on looking at it for sure was it said that I can keep the website after the 7 days and that I would just be limited to the access of some of the features.

Wealthy Affiliates StarterMy free 7 days with Wealthy Affiliates lasted 3 but not because of why you think.

I started my journey with Wealthy Affiliate with only expecting to get some knowledge during the 7 days. I was hoping to be able to decide if I should keep thinking about developing websites or not. I had my own sub-domain name within a few min and was directed to my first lesson.

Over the next 24 hours I took class after class because it was seriously quality teaching with video walk-thru’s that had you do little bits at a time so that the lessons stick. Each lesson had simple step by step tasks to finish them off, before the end of the first day I had a pretty decent looking website.

I also was introduced to a community of people that were on the same lessons I was as well as people that had been through it and lastly with people who have completed several sites and were there to help people with theirs. The community helps each other review each others work and help get the websites where they need to be.

By the third day I had done enough lessons and worked with a like-minded community, I had seen enough to make a conscience decision. I was also pleasantly surprised that upgrading to premium didn’t come with anymore attachments and that it doesn’t even cost what a college class costs a month.

I was on my way to building websites for profitTeam

Today I am so happy I made the choice, I have learned so much and can say that I feel that the training at Wealthy Affiliate is top notch. I also feel that it is as good as you could get at a school, but even better considering the fact that I was building a business at the same time.

Lets be honest, no business makes money quick. This is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to put in some effort, learn and be whiling to be patient with the process. If you choose to look into Wealthy Affiliate as I did, I encourage you to take advantage of the free 7 days.

This will show you that Wealthy Affiliate is transparent with what it offers and gives you the opportunity to see everything that you get in the premium account before the 7 days are up. This was very cool for me because it showed that they were not afraid of being held accountable for not following through. You knew what you were going to actually get before you pay a dime!

Free tagI know HOW MUCH?

Wealthy Affiliate offers the following:

Starter Membership: FREE

Premium Membership: $47 per month / $19 first month

Premium Yearly Membership: $359 per year / $205 per year savings


Clientivity Vegas – My Vegas Business Review

Clientivity SiteClientivity Vegas/My Vegas Business

Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100
Price: $100/$77
Owners: Troy Arnold

What is Clientivity Vegas / My Vegas Business

Clientivity Vegas and MVB are one in the same and claims to offer everyone the opportunity to succeed with Troy Arnold proven business strategies. What are these strategies? They partner with Las Vegas hotel, attractions etc., in the attempt to offer lower costs then other travel agencies like Expedia or even the hotels themselves can offer you.

A person that signs up for their companies service receives a “Custom” website that has their name on it and that person offers to the internet the discounts. The person then would need to get ranked within Clientivity Sample Designthe search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to drive traffic to their site.

Then Troy explains that they have “award winning” customer service that takes it from there. They would answer questions, book the accommodations and you get paid!

Skeptical? Ha, I was too! Please read the full review to find out some of the research that I did to come to my conclusion that Clientivity Vegas/MVB may not be a complete scam, but they certainly, in my opinion, haven’t lived up to what Troy has claimed.


Ughhh Nevermind

If you have read any of my reviews in the past I usually list off any positives or negatives, tell you who this product might be for and get into more detail about the training and support. Instead of doing this I will tell you why I chose to not sign up for Clientivity Vegas, MVB or Troy Arnold’s system. Let’s be honest, if it was that great of a deal I would have signed up and been doing it and not writing this review.

Clientivity MVB TAMy First Red Flag

I had a (in his own words) 20 something year old person on a poorly done video telling me that he has a proven system that has made him millions. He was listing off all his achievements and how his system has proven itself. There are very few mid 20 year old’s that have accomplished what he says he has done and proven that his system got him there. It might be possible that he has achieved some of what he claimed, but I have a hard time believing that they were achieved with “his” system. Also in order to be involved with some of the ventures he claimed he was in, you have to have serious capital, which I find hard that he raised on his own.

Second Red Flag

I decided for the sake of doing my due diligence I would watch the video till the very end, even when every fiber of my being wanted not to. Troy continued throughout the video to show off everything flashy he has and tell us how he once had nothing when living at his parents. Clientivity MVB try to leave

He towards the end kept stressing the word NOW, like it was a life or death situation. He even used quotes from some very famous actual proven people about successful people not waiting. So I finished the video and when I went to close the browser I got a desperate pop up that said “wait before you go we have something special for you.”

MVB DesperationMaking me laugh was about the best thing that could have happened, but wait there is more. I clicked the x on the navigation confirmation instead of the browser and got another one. This one on the left you can read yourself. I lost it with their sheer desperation for trying to sell someone.

No business should try that hard to sign someone up. These are the types of tactics that unscrupulous businesses practice. Throughout Troys video he talk about how honest they are. His honesty doesn’t add up.

Last Straw for me if I needed one

Not that I needed to go any deeper into detail at this point, but I decided to do some searches on Troy Arnold. I didn’t do this to bash him, I only want to be able to give an accurate grade on my 0-100 scale that I do on my reviews.

What I found made me fall off my chair. Their was a article about the owners of Vegas Good Buysand Troy was one of them so I clicked on it. It appears to me that Troy and his partners have a landing site that competes with their Clientivity Vegas partners. They sell the discount service themselves.

They do have an affiliate link that directs people to Clientivity Vegas, but I can only wonder where the sales commission goes to when a traveler purchases there accommodations from this site. Even if I gave the benefit of the doubt, and think that maybe they refer it to a Clientivity Vegas associate, there are too many other glaringly obvious red flag for me to sign up.

My conclusion

Normally with my reviews I would get into what it costs and the back office of the company, like training and tools that are offered. If you can’t tell I would never sign up with Clientivity/MVB so I would never refer you the reader of my reviews to them.

I also usually leave you links to sign up with them if you choose, because even though I may not give a company the greatest of reviews, at times I can make a referral for doing so. Again I wouldn’t want the blood on my shirt if you got burned.

I would love to tell you what I do instead by leaving you a link to that review (just click here). If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.


Thank you,



Is Visalus a Scam – Body by VI

Body by Vi LogoVisalus

Overall Ranking: 70 of 100
Price: Varies (Too many products to list)
Owners: Ryan Blair (CEO) , Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola (Founders)


A Personal Introduction to Visalus

The question of the day… Is Visalus a scam? To start, I have a vast knowledge of Visalus at its infancy, from back years ago when Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola were pounding the pavements of Southern California.

I was introduced to Visalus’s one product (Vi Pak) at the time by a friend of mine who sent me a text and asked if I had some time for a call to introduce me to a product that can make me a ton of money, and that I could get healthy while doing it. Now, I have been confronted by “network marketing” products a few times before this but because he was a friend I decided to give him my time.

I answered the phone call expecting to have my friend talk to me about the product. Instead I got three people on three different phones on a conference call. It was glaringly obvious I was about to be read a script, with out a doubt I got it. Again, I gave the situation grace because of my friend.

By the end of the call I got sold! (Ughhh) I will be honest I got sold out of desperation because my career

Visalus Training

Visalus Training

as a Mortgage and Real Estate professional was coming to a grinding halt. I wasn’t really comfortable with it at all. I had to give up my credit card within 30 minutes of the phone call and committing to a supplement product that I never tried before for $125 reoccurring a month. Remember I was desperate, if you couldn’t tell!

I have a very long story that goes along with this but I will blog this at a later date and post a link here.

So the short version of the rest of the story is- I spent the next 10 months to a year going to this conference to that conference, spending thousands of dollars getting trained and equipped to sell the product and promote the distributorship. I made money during this time but it was NEVER equal or more then the money I spent. It sucked the life out of me.

There are people making money, but you have to be the MLM, Network Marketing and Pyramid Scheme master that all the other companies like Visalus has. You must push, pull and call family, friends and strangers within your down-line. You have to convince them that their lives will not be the same without it.

FULL DISCLOSURE about the products from Visalus

Visalus Products

Visalus Products

ALL the products I have taken from Visalus have been very good, actually help me feel better and my general health improved!

The disappointment in this is that although it was a top notch product, unless you made money promoting it you have to spend a min of 125 dollars a month. This was a large amount to pay for one persons supplements for a month. Now if you buy into the products as I did, and feel that they are quality products that can be better than their major competitors and big retailers carry, you are going to want you family to consume this as well.

Now times the 125 by two and add another 120 (estimate I cant remember exactly) for your kids, now your at 370 a month for your family. Being the fact that I decided that I could not any longer promote the product I would have needed to fork out 370 a month.

The conclusion to my personal experience of Visalus is GREAT products but WAY overpriced if you

Tony and Aly Success

Tony and Aly Success

choose not to promote the product. If you do by chance want to try these products I do recommend going through Tony Belden (Click Here for his site). I have zero financial gain from that referral, he is just very successful with Visalus and has a vast knowledge of the products. He is a personal friend and a weight loss success story by using Visalus.

Positive things about Visalus

  • I can’t even begin to tell you the high quality of the products that they offer.
  • They do have training and will train anyone.
  • They are making a difference when you step back and look at some of the health success stories.
  • They promote paying it forward and most people who make money give to charities/missions
  • They have Dr. Seidman who created these products with nothing more then health in mind.
    • You should check his bio out when you have time. Amazing!

Downside of Visalus

  • Without a doubt if you are looking at distributorship it is a MLM
  • You have a significant investment to endure before you make money
  • BMWI Told U So
    • Yes you can get a BMW but you better be able to make sure you can make enough to stay within the qualifications for it.
    • The “I Told You” slogan they place on the cars is down right rude and disrespectful!
  • Definitely better be prepared to sell to Aunt Betty and Uncle Joe

Who is Visalus for:

They make claims that Visalus is for everyone. My personal experience is if you can buy into their program and be lucky enough to get 3 people, then 9 people, then so on and so on, to buy into the program then anyone can do it.

Also, unless you are already completely physically fit or can make the transformation of becoming physically fit, then you can’t do very well with Visalus. Like my friend Tony and his wife Alyson, they did awesome with loosing the weight and changing their lives.

Training FoundersWhat kind of training and tools does Visalus offer?

Visalus has a very intricate and detailed training system. They will train you as fast as your upline can handle it. It is/was very scripted and spelled out. Some people need it that way, but I find that people become a robot when trained like this.

I think that the best way to train would be to let people work with their own skill sets and talk to people the way they feel comfortable. Take the Wealthy Affiliate approach of having people work within their niche. That is no different than talking to people organically and trying to discuss why people would want Visalus.

I do think that Visalus tries to be this way, but they are limited by the upline and trainers that they have available at the time. They have most of the quality trainers available at conferences that have thousands of people there. Good luck being one of the few that get to them.

Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate have done an exceptional job of training people of all walks of life. If you are a hillbilly, then pick your audience who you can relate to. If you are a carpenter go pick your niche that you can get passionate about. Visalus is just strapped when it comes to training because there is practically one method to convert, and if the distributor is not of the same peer group then they are going to fail.

The back end office of VisalusVisalus Office

I am not sure if the back end office side of Visalus has changed, but when I was there they did an okay job with the amount of stuff they had to do. It appeared to be under staffed at the time but for a fairly new company, I guess that was to be expected.

I did not care for the automatic withdrawal, but to be honest that is going to happen with pretty much any company offering a distributor or independent operator position.

I also had a pretty hard time returning items, getting credit and when I resigned I would still get charged from time to time for at least a year. I don’t care for surprises in my bank account.

Worshiping MoneyThe cost of Visalus

Again things sure could have changed, but if you are a distributor you are also a customer. They essentially would give you distributorship status as long as you were a customer. It would have been nice to be able to promote the product without having to be a monthly customer. At least in the beginning so that you could get some income coming in so, that you could afford the product that you feel is worth referring.

The price of the product may be very high, but it is this way because Visalus is set up as an MLM and they have to pay the downline before they make their money. Basically if this was a retail item in a mall retail store I feel the prices would be appropriate. The product would be far superior to the other brands that are in the store.

NO JOKE I just found them for sale on Amazon. Very interesting!

If you care to look into what I feel is a quality product without having to deal with the MLM side of things I will provide a couple links below to Amazon.



Final conclusion with Visalus

Visalus is 70% legit

  • I cannot ignore the MLM sales side of Visalus! Normally, I would have an MLM with a much lower rating because I am the kind of person who just can not conduct business in that way.
  • BUT and I do mean BUT, their product are extremely good for you, well tested and proven to work.Wealthy Affiliates Starter

I recommend that if you are looking into a business where you can make money aside of your job you have now, and you don’t want to be the kind of sales person who has to ask family, friends and everyone to use a product that is grossly over priced in order for you and them to get paid, then check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate (Click here). I promise you wont regret it.

If you have any questions or comment please feel free to leave them below or you can visit my profile page within Wealthy Affiliate. (Chick here)

Thank you,




How to Build a Website for Free and Succeed – Too good to be true?

How to Build a Website for Free and Succeed

I know what you are thinking… No way, no how can I build a website for myself and it be completely FREE. You are partially right and partially wrong. Keep reading and I will explain. There is a way to build a website for free, but you are semi limited in the tools that you can use.

I have searched for years to find a way to build my own website, but I didn’t want to have a very expensive learning period. I know that building a website can make money. I have seen people for years do it. I even went to work for a firm that did, but I just didn’t learn enough to do it on my own. I am going to get into detail how you can build a website for free and still succeed.

One simple task and you can have your website in minutes

I am going to provide you a link and you can have a website that anyone can get to for free in a few seconds.

The link will give you a sub-domain name of your choice as long as it is not previously taken. This domain is 100% FREE. You can conduct a 100% legit website using this sub-domain that you chose.

If you are caught up on a domain name – I have a few pointers

People can often get caught up with what to call their new business on the internet.

  • Choose a niche market
    • A niche would be a particular thing that you have a passion for.
      • Baby Clothes
      • Vintage car parts
      • You Family (Blog)
      • Homeschooling

It really comes down to what you will be able to write a lot of content about, and not want to jump off a bridge. I chose my first site based off what I knew I could write about forever. I chose my family (, I can write about our lives till the day I die.

You have your domain name, now what?

The facts are that you need to know what to do with this business you just started. Websites can be VERY lucrative, but you need some tools. You can get help for FREE, but its going to be limited. Again you can chose to push on with you sub-domain, but you will need to do it with the resources that are available. Don’t let me scare you away from this if that’s what you want to try because it is possible.

There is professional education and help for free for 7 days when you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. I chose Wealthy Affiliate for this sole purpose. I was researching for a long time and all I was finding was companies that said they were offering free services, but they wanted to have my credit card on file. They also seemed like they were putting a lot of effort into defending themselves instead of promoting themselves.

If you want help it’s available for you, and it wont break your bank!!!

If you decide to seek advice and LEARN how to create a successful website and have fun while doing it, Wealthy Affiliate is the only choice you should make.

Here is why:

  • First and foremost ACCOUNTABILITY!!!
    • Wealthy Affiliate has set up their system and they are completely transparent.
    • The offer YOU for 7 days to experience what being a premium member would be like
  • Training that is second to none!!
    • At first I was skeptical because I have been through so many senseless training video’s over the years and gained zero from it.
    • Wealthy Affiliate’s training is in my opinion an entire career education
  • The Community!
    • Wealthy Affiliate offers you access to all the 30,000+ active members
    • The members all work together to help each other succeed.
    • Ask questions, read blogs and much more

If you ever wanted to see if you could build your own website, this would be a FREE way to do it with no obligation to pay a dime! Wealthy Affiliate will provide you a FREE insight of what is available to you for 7 days. Most important, they don’t require ANYTHING more then your time and open mind.

If you have any questions you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review (Click Here) or you can visit my profile on Wealthy Affiliate (Click here)

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Site Build It Review – Scam Ya or Nay

SBI Costs


Site Build It

Overall Ranking: 80 out of 100
Price: $299/yr or 29.99/mo
Owners: Ken Evoy





Site-Build It offers a variety of services for the general public who is not educated in website development and seo.



  1. Complete step-by-step guide to developing a website on WordPress
  2. Keyword and niche research tool that help with research
  3. Knowledgeable articles and tutorials which includes several WordPress topics
  4. WordPress plugin that their experts recommend


  1. The biggest negative for me is that they do not offer a free membership.
    1. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee, but you still need to give them a credit card and pay them for those three months.
    2. This, in my opinion, does not create accountability. If their service is so much better than other similar competitors, then why not offer what other similar companies offer. For example Wealthy Affiliates (FREE Starter Membership)
  2. They spend a lot of time, and an entire section of their website defending the negative blogs, postsSbi Defending Scams and articles.
    1. A company that feels they are far superior than their competitors shouldn’t feel that they need to dedicate this much effort into proving that the negative posts about them are not true.
    2. They call the page Urban Myths. This too sends a red flag.
  3. SBI’s website itself does not flow well or give off the impression that it is run by professionals.
    1. How is someone who seeks training on building a professional website supposed to feel comfortable paying a company to help them when the companies website does not seem professional itself.
    2. The site also has way too many cheesy tag lines and logos.



I do think that anyone can use Site Build It, but I am afraid that people who don’t have a vast knowledge of internet marketing or website development will not be able to learn enough quick enough to make money fast enough to stick with the program.


Site Build It does offer some tools such as built in keyword searches, built in hosting and traffic builders, but that is not out of the norm with similar companies.


SBI has 24/7 customer service, but cheesy lines like the following from their website-“It’s literally like having the world’s top internet guru whispering over your shoulder.” Makes me feel as though they are trying too hard to sell themselves.





I really feel that Site Build It is certainly not a scam per say, but they open themselves up to being perceived as so when they do not offer a free entry membership. It can also seem that they are a little fly by night with the quality of their own website.

My verdict is that I have yet to see a better product then Wealthy Affiliates. They offer a free starter membership so you can test the waters with them and make your own decision if it is right for you. The following link will take you to my review of Wealthy Affiliates. (Wealthy Affiliates Review)

Cheap Domains Sale – Buying Domain Names for Cheap

Buying cheap domain names

Domain name companies are all over the internet. It’s actually kind of aggravating when you try and search for a place to trust. Obviously the majority of the people think of GoDaddy first. I have purchased many domains from them myself. This is a highly competitive industry. I have seen several companies offering a cheap domains sale.

Choosing a company to buy your domain name

Lets face it, when you are in business every penny counts. As equally as important is your time. Most all of the companies have many different pages and ads that you have to work through, and if you have ever used them you probably already now this.

Getting past the pages and the ads

I finally found a domain name company that lets you buy something with out feeling like your being up sold. Like you are filling out information to receive something for free online. You know those too good to be true offers that say you can get something for free, and then you start the process and you get pulled all over the internet for this offer and that offer, then you finally give up before getting the free item.

My referral for domain names from now on

I recently was referred to by some associates, and trusting their referral I decided to purchase my next domain name from them. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease at which I got in, purchased, and got out. Oh and by the way, it was slightly cheaper then the major competitors.

Name Cheap also offers all the other major services and more offers every major service, such as website and email hosting, security and much more. They actually give you one of their security measures for free the first year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this referral of, please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or anything else.





Reviewing Wealthy Affiliates – Scam: Yay or nay

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliates
Overall Ranking: 97 out of 100Make Money
Price: $0 Starter Membership – (get a free account)
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Who is it for: Anyone from zero knowledge to seasoned

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy affiliates is a multifaceted internet marketing company. They provide any Joe Schmo the opportunity to develop their own website. They allow you to start out for no monetary investment and even allow you to start the website using a sub domain that you can later invest money in to convert to your own domain.

They also provide training, WordPress tutorials and allow you to communicate with others that either are going through the process of building their own site or people who have been through it and are mentoring the newcomers.

PROS & Cons of Wealthy Affiliates


  • Zero initial investment to check out the services
    • Even the 47/mo for premium is well worth the money considering the services provided
  • The amount of training that is provided is second to none
    • They have step-by-step lessons that walk you through developing a website
    • Detailed tasks for each lesson that are easy to follow through on
    • Video lessons that give you details that would be hard to understand otherwise
    • Advanced lessons are provided the more you progress
  • A community that goes out of the way to help
    • Content dialogue with fellow professionals that are building sites at the same time
    • Industry experts that have been through the training are available for mentoring
    • 24/7 LIVE chat
    • Ability to bounce ideas off others all the time to better the quality of the websites
  • WordPress website developing software
    • Most used software in the world for developing software
    • Easy to use (especially with the training provided)
  • State of the art secure and FAST hosting
    • This is something at Wealthy Affiliates that the affiliates take for granted
      • There are so many companies that host that drop sites and/or get hacked
  • SEO/Keyword tools
    • Wealthy Affiliates not only has a FREE built in tool that is far above competitors similar tools, they also have developed a website dedicated to keyword searching (not free) that blows away other keyword industry sites.
    • In depth training on how to get your site ranked with the top web browsers like Google and how to use the keywords to do so.


  • Time that can be spent on distractions
    • If someone has a hard time staying on task they can get consumed on what I call “social hour.” They get wrapped up in making friends and loose track of their reason for being there.
      • Simple solution to that is asking yourself “do you want to make money?”
  • Businesses are not started overnight
    • Some affiliates with Wealthy Affiliates can portray that you can build your website in one day and start making money the next. I have not found this to be true. As with most things, to produce something of quality, it will take some time put into it.
      • All businesses especially online take time, effort and learning before search engines will know who you are


The absolute beauty is that Kyle and Carson (the owners) have developed Wealthy Affiliates in a way that gives everyone the opportunity to be successful. All walks of life can participate and learn. I have seen young adults who just graduated high school to retired elderly people upwards of 80 years of age.

You DO NOT need experience! The training tools provided negate all anxiety about trying to learn something new. Weather you have a GED or a high level college degree, you can develop a high quality, professional looking website with the help of Wealthy Affiliates.


I went over this pretty good above, but in case you skipped down to this I will reiterate it. The training and tools provided at Wealthy Affiliates is a college level education. I am actually going to have my 12 year old take the training because I feel that strongly that it will be a life skill that can carry on wherever and whatever he ends up doing in life. The internet is not going anywhere anytime soon and in fact the future generations will only use it more and more.Training Shot

Wealthy Affiliates takes a very in depth approach to teaching. They outline daily tasks in order to give you a start and end to the lessons. They provide a comment thread below each lesson so that people can communicate with each other, ask questions and learn from one another. Kyle and Carson are also involved in these discussion quite often, considering how many discussions that are going on at any given time, that is impressive!

The tools that are used by Wealthy Affiliates are very easy to use and with the simplified training, it gives anyone the time to understand the technology that most people are not familiar with. Someone can actually stay on a lesson for as long as they need and not feel left behind.


Community ShotThe support for help is impeccable! Kyle and Carson are available whenever someone needs them, but their brain child of setting up the community atmosphere allows people to ask questions of others who have been through the training and have majority of the answers. If its something the community cannot help with, the owners are always involved.

I personally have witnessed a lady, who had very little computer knowledge, let alone internet knowledge, getting help from the seasoned veterans in the community. They were giving her in depth help, even down to what the shift and tab buttons on her computer would help her with.

“That is the true meaning of community”


Wealthy Affiliates offer the following options

Stater Membership – $0 (Join Free Now)

Premium Membership – $47/mo or $359/yr (Join Now)

The Free Starter Membership is great and is not (to my knowledge) offered by any other competitor in the industry. Actually, in my opinion, Kyle and Carson are crazy to offer what they do for free. You could actually conduct business and eventually get paid with their FREE Starter Membership

For example the Starter Membership offers:

  • Instant access the community of affiliates
  • Live Chat
  • Over 500 training modules
  • 3 classrooms
  • networking
  • 2 free websites
  • Access to a keyword tool
  • And more and more are getting added to this from time to time

The Premium Membership is the path to opening the world of affiliate marketing. It allows you to have everything you could possibly need at your finger tips and within one website. No having to go to a separate company for hosting, keyword searching, website builder tools, having to pay for help and always having to search the internet for help or answers that you need.

This is all included in the $47 per month. If you were to try and do this on your own having to pay for everything individually, it would far exceed $47.

There is not a reason to go outside Wealthy Affiliates for answers, training, industry updates or changes. You have one on one communication with proven industry experts who are over joyed to help you exceed your expectations.


Hands down Wealthy Affiliates is NOT a scam! They are a very legit company, providing real people with the opportunity to work hard and make money.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below, I would love your input and will respond accordingly!

Thank you,