Building a website to enable your online presence is a good thing for your business, personal contacts, and just pacing with time. But what if you completely don’t know how to build own website and have no idea about coding, designing, hosting, attaching and changing widgets and so on? Worry not: you’ve been taken care of, as you are one of the billions of people who don’t have a clue about the mentioned stuff and millions of people who would like to have an online presence along with that. And to make your day much better, we present you a thorough estimation of 10 available online top website builder to help you out with making the weighed decision.


The list of best website builders

Here we have collected 10 most frequently sought-for best website builders that you are free to choose from and we provide a description, pros and cons of every platform to build a website, along with its pricing policy to dive a bit deeper taking a little of your time:

  • uKit











  1. Description of a website maker uKit

This is overall a powerful tool for building websites. We estimate it as 4.5 out of 5 stars for its good customer support, several hundreds of available templates that are divided into 40 categories that cover nearly every possible category of activity, and a number of tools to boost up the productivity of your website. They include easy HTTPS turning on, a variety of SEO checkers and indices, widgets, and powerful dashboard. There is no type of website you couldn’t create with one of the tariff plans of uKit site maker.



  1. Many templates.

  2. Easy visual builder.

  3. You receive SEO and fast websites for a relatively small price.

  4. Trial period is available.

  5. Not too demanding to resources of your PC and speed of web connection.



  1. Blogging websites are not the best what uKit may offer.

  2. If you need a powerful e-store consisting of more than two hundred pages, you should keep looking or just invest much more of your time to build up each separate additional page.


Pricing model:

This site maker offers 4 main plans with 5, 10, 12, and 15 dollars per month. You can have nice discounts if you pay for a longer period at once: -5%, -10%, -20%, and -30% if you pay (accordingly) for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months with one payment.


  1. Description of a website builder

This website actively employs Artificial Intelligence to build up its websites. In the beginning’s wizard, you spend several minutes to answer its questions and describe your needs and then – boom – the website gets prepared and submitted to your eyes. You can do changes to it, of course, and try to redo the job.



  1. Around 20 million powered websites globally on Earth.

  2. Really long free trial period – 1 month.

  3. It supports over 1,500 templates (after one of its massive updates).

  4. AI allows minimizing your time to a few minutes to get online with your website.



  1. If you want thriving creative freedom working with a site maker, you should search it elsewhere.

  2. A high degree of standardization will not make it possible to create a completely unique website (which isn’t that good for SEO promotion)

  3. Its help and support are highly recommended to improve.

  4. Lower than the average value for money.

  5. It does not provide discounts to the price of its subscription plans as many other website makers do.


Pricing model:

When the 1-month risk-free term ends, you may opt for $5.99 / $9.99 / $14.99 / $29.99 a month but you should be aware that the amount for a year is billed at once, not allowing you paying for a month. Also, it does not provide you a discount as other site makers afford.


  1. Description of a quick website builder

Cheap premium plans and high effectiveness for your money. A possibility to have multiple channels of customer support (through social networks, email, and a knowledge base). Free trial. These characterize this site maker the best.



  1. It is inexpensive for you to make the website ad-free (from Jimdo’s commercials).

  2. If you go for the Business plan and higher, your disk storage space becomes unlimited.



  1. Poor help and support, as well as low design flexibility.

  2. Not too well-designed templates, their limited choice and scarce functionality in editing them.

  3. You cannot restore anything if you happen to have done anything wrong.

  4. Editing and moving elements inside pages is not too convenient and may even cause irritation.


Pricing model:

You can unlimitedly use its free-of-charge plan receiving only basics: 0.5 Gb disk storage, not too fast bandwidth, ads in the pages, and hosting on its own domain. There are other four subscription plans to this site maker ($7.50 / $20 / $30 / $40). Free domain in the outer domain area stars from $7.50 a month, optimization for mobile devices and SEO optimization go with the plan for 20 bucks, while a professional SEO add-on is distributed in the two other plans.


  1. Description of a website builder

This site builder offers fantastic design flexibility and really good support with a nice knowledge base. It is oriented for design, to receive websites that look as professional as it is possible with a not too costly site builder, orienting for visual part much better than the biggest part of other modern website builders.



  1. Flexible and fabulous designs that combine beauty and functionality.

  2. No need to code in order to customize practically everything to your desire.

  3. The professional outcome of your website is guaranteed.



  1. Not completely friendly for beginners, as they’ll have to deal with its editor and read some manual before getting started.

  2. Relatively expensive in comparison with other site builders.


Pricing model:

Users of this web builder are offered to have 4 subscription plans that start with 16 dollars a month (then go 26, 30, and 46). But if you pay for a year in one payment, you receive a price cut off in 13%-31% from those numbers. Also, remember that ‘applicable taxes’ are also charged to the mentioned sums and you can read more about taxation on the website of this site builder.


  1. Description of a website builder

With an overall score of 8 out of 10 (according to users opinions), this site builder is easy to use and has excellent tech support. It is meant for graphic designers, which means that you can draw pictures you like directly in the program instead of uploading them. The interface is concise and performed in gray patterns.



  1. Responsive design and CSS code editing opportunity.

  2. Great discounts for a monthly plan if paid annually.

  3. Extensive design toolkit that allows building multiple forms online and offline.

  4. Many integrated widgets.


Disadvantages of the software:

  1. It does not have any ready-to-use theme so you have to upload everything you need from external supportable sources. However, there are free themes to import.

  2. It is only for experienced users. If you don’t know anything about coding and graphic design – choose another site builder.

  3. It is not a powerful tool to create feature-rich sites because it does not support a process for 1 man to do all – it is clearly seen as extensive work of many people needed to finish something here.


Pricing model:

It only offers one plan – you receive a year of using it paying $179.88 annually or a monthly fee $24.99 (paid monthly). There are no free plans or try-and-buy stuff and you immediately get all its features once you pay.


  1. Description of a website builder

This site builder is not too easy to use; it obtains below than average flexibility of its templates and poor features. But it tries to compensate them with quite a good customer support service and decent value for money with its $0…49 monthly tariff plans.



  1. It is ideal for blogging and creating 1-page sites.

  2. Easy to reformat templates.

  3. You can register your domain for up to 10 years, locking it only for you.

  4. Top-level domains such as ‘.shop’ are available.



  1. Largely limited e-commerce power.

  2. It is not good for business sites in every their manifestation, with poor-to-no scalability.

  3. It’s only 1-page sites that you can create.

  4. Editing is not too flamboyant, which leaves your site to be in the average ‘yellow’ zone of the Internet (try to create ‘green’ sites with another WYSIWYG editor that provides good SEO and tech stuff).


Pricing model:

It offers only three cover-all plans:

  • For 8 bucks a month you can connect any custom domain, receive 50 Gb monthly bandwidth, and a simple store with a few products. But even in this case, adverts of a site builder will be present.

  • For $16, you get these + unlimited bandwidths and pro sites, simple yet powerful e-store with up to 300 products, App Store connection, no banners of the site builder, a possibility to edit HTML, CSS, and Java scripts, protect the site with a password, and receive a decent font library. Oh – and you will be able to make multiple-pages sites (it’s really confusing why don’t these guys add this functionality as a basic, as literally, every other site builder does).

  • For 49 dollars a month, you get the mentioned + English phone support, a store with up to 500 products in a site, and account management.

Frankly speaking, we’d stop on a middle plan, as we think that extra $30 do not bring tangible value.


  1. Description of a website builder

This site was amongst the first sites on the Web after its occurrence in the 1990s (in the time of Netscape, CompuService and other first brands that most people don’t know today). It has one of the primitive site creators, which may be characterized as ‘too simple’ for experienced web designers but still, they deliver some start for getting online.



  1. You can edit or replace any element on the page to any position nearly without limitations.



  1. It does not have themes or templates – all it has is boiled down to 1 theme only with differing backgrounds. To personify it anyhow, you should do editing of HTML and CSS.

  2. A few things you can do with a free account and even if you upgrade, you won’t get many of them.

  3. Free hosting allows you only 25 Mb of disk space – literally nothing today and it’s obvious that those guys got stuck back in the 1990s.

  4. They only have PayPal web cart.

  5. No matter what type of subscription you choose, you won’t get more than 5 Gb storage space – and even that will cost you 9.95 dollars a month.


Pricing model:

No matter which of the two most expensive plans you buy for a year, you’ll get 1 month for free with that. It starts with startling $0.95 a month, goes through $2.95 and finishes with $9.95 a month. 20-40-100-5000 Mb storage space is clearly not in line with modern necessities, so it is hard to tell who, in a world, would use this site today.


  1. Description of a website builder

15-days trial period is more than enough to understand whether you want this e-commerce site builders or not. For now, it is one of the most powerful tools to start up your own e-store with a big set of out-of-the-box tools and widgets.



  1. The huge scalable e-commerce platform, best than any other online site builder from our list can offer you.

  2. Built-in features and connection to social media will leverage you up.

  3. SEO tools are really amazing and will reliably put you up in the ranking compared to your competitors.



  1. Not all you see in the site is understood in terminology – so google up some vocabulary to get started with all these expressions and abbreviations if you are a beginner in the e-store business.

  2. No mobile app available so you can’t control and run the site when you’re away from your PC or laptop.


Pricing model:

As this site is not for dilettantes, offering a serious approach to serious online e-store business with a powerful site behind it, don’t expect to see here cheap prices:

  1. $29.95 for a month is only basics of the basics that you receive when paying for it

  2. $71.95 a month is one of the most popular plans (called “Pro”)

  3. 224.95 dollars a month for the “Enterprise” plan will unclothe for you all solidness of custom features, a greater purchase process for your clients, and many other likable features

  4. If you aren’t enough with these three, you can call to the website builders company directly and negotiate on a custom-price tailored plan specifically for you, which can run high in clouds of thousands of dollars paid monthly.

Keep in mind that it’s just the basic pricing with many strings attached behind such as transaction fees that deduct from your profit.


  1. Description of a website builder

Unlike, site builder will not make you starve deducting from your earnings, as it does not have transaction fees. It is positioned as one of the top advantages of this site that is neatly tailored to create web stores.



  1. Over 80 apps and payment methods to customize your sales process.

  2. Powerful support in every possible channel reachable 24/7.

  3. Low pricing as for a site builder that allows you making a professional web store.

  4. It offers you astounding sales features for your completed site.


Important disadvantages:

  1. Not so easy to use and does not give you too much template flexibility.

  2. You can’t sell copies of digital products (a major drawback due to all-increasing digitalization of our society).

  3. No blogging. So if you want to attach some blog to your store – search and connect it elsewhere.

  4. No free SSL certificate for 89-99 dollars (while the rest of site builders usually provide it for free of within one of their paid tariff plans).


Pricing model:

It has 5 options for payments:

  1. ‘Mini’ for 15 bucks a month

  2. ‘Plus’ for 35

  3. ‘Pro’ for 75, which unlocks you the most of its features

  4. ‘Premium’ for 135 dollars

  5. And ‘Business’ for 299 a month.

When you pay for a year, you receive alluring discounts that are -15% off.


  1. Description of a website builder

It is one of the poorest site builders that we’ve seen up to now (not considering that is hopelessly stuck back in the 1990s). It has alluring prices that are as low as $3.84 a month with a discount promo price. Regularly, you can opt for a discount of 25% from the regular price if you haven’t encountered on a promo price. Still, for this money, you can easily abandon this site builder going to another site of an advanced and modern builder. The general feeling about this site builder is that it is outdated and slowly rots in the oblivion of its desolation.


Rated advantages:

  1. Nice pricing that starts with only 3.84 a month.

  2. Very easy to use and you can build an okay website in a matter of some hour(s).

  3. E-commerce will become available on the higher-cost plan (but it’s not that powerful as one might expect).


Example of disadvantages:

  1. Advanced customization is poor though the number of templates is not scarce.

  2. Almost all features it offers ore of low quality and there is no possibility to receive an SSL certificate (which automatically makes any site created with this site builder outdated).

  3. Templates aren’t modern.

  4. Its subscription plans could be cheaper considering its average poor quality and outdated features.


Pricing model:

It has three plans:

  1. $7.68 a month (-50% off are sometimes available during the sales)

  2. $11.98 for Premium

  3. and $18.45 for an e-commerce plan.


What’s a web page builder?

Special online (or online + offline) tools that are designed to make new sites are called site builders. They can be of varying complexity and may be fine-tuned to create only a specific type of websites. The most part of existing site builders is made for users with little or no technical background and experience. Others, on the contrary, are for professionals in the area.

When you choose a site builder, be wise about knowing information about it prior to use. There may be outdated website creators that won’t deliver you any quality that is highly needed today (as it is the case with and Others, on the other hand, will be too powerful for a novice (as, for instance, which is specifically made to create web stores with all possible visual and selling power comparable to Amazon, Rozetka and other retail monsters).

While the most part is easily mastered by users, as they are interactive, some of them can’t be entered just like that., for instance, is the hardest to master site builder and is specifically for visual designers and related specialists. While, on the other pole, is so surprisingly easy that you won’t even understand anything before getting a ready-made and customized site (it works so fast that there’s almost no fun). And in between of those two poles, as a rule, you can find your beautiful perfection, which will make you do a wonderful website, absolutely fitting your needs in functionality, visual part, and pricing.


Considering a website builder tool’s pros and cons

Pros of a site builder (tool):

  1. You can launch your site in a matter of minutes or hours for a simple site having a few pages, or days/weeks for a much more sophisticated one. Still, it is much faster than to develop a site from scratch, as site builders have the biggest technical and designing part already pre-finished.

  2. You don’t need to hire anyone or know anything technical to design and start a site.

  3. You can keep it running on a chosen domain automatically, simply paying for a subscription, as well as you’re not limited to making changes to it whenever you want to.

  4. It is very cheap, with the most part of site builders high-ending on 50 dollars a month. The only exclusions from this rule are e-commerce tuned site builders with their price tags as high as hundreds of dollars per month. But a significantly higher price must be paid when you’re hiring a person builder.


Cons of a site builder (tool):

  1. The most part of them, no matter what they tell you in their commercials and other sweet words on their sites, are very limited tools that will not give you all the freedom of actions you’d want for your website. Godaddy, for instance, will deliver you only pages not even nearly professionally made. That’s why, with millions of websites created on its basis all over the world, the most part of them are not too good, with people actively migrating to professional websites chasing a desire to have a professionally-looking site, not some trifle.

  2. If you’re looking for a free option – you get it either limited in time either limited in features and with ad banners shown all over your site.

  3. In most cases, site builders won’t allow you to download your code. There may be scarce exclusions from the rule that will allow downloading the full content offline so you can use it at your discretion and play with HTML and CSS styles to receive a professionally customized product.


Who would find useful an easiest website builder?

  1. A small business representative or a freelancer.

  2. A person who has no technical and web building background (the same as Photoshop skills) but needs to go online to gain significantly more clients or contacts.

  3. People who can calculate their budgets to spend them wisely.

  4. Ones desiring to set up the online presence fast, having ideas in their heads of how the site should look like. ‘Fast’ notion can mean from several minutes to several hours with more professional sites to be launched within days.

  5. Those who want to receive the fast result, not spending months or at the minimum, weeks to draw up a technical specification for a person, control the results, conclude contracts, discuss and wait, wait and discuss.

You can be of any profession at all to have your own site, not obligatorily a businessman or an employee of a company. You can even be an agency or a small firm that will have dedicated pages (or one) for each of its employees/freelancers/agents, and each of them can contribute to developing the site.


Choosing the right simple website builder, what to pay attention to?

  • Pre-made templates are the basis of the entire work. First, you choose one that is closely working with the one you have in your head, to make all tunes take as little time as possible.

  • Widgets and add-ons to add to the pages to increase their quality in terms of represented business processes and connection to clients and the general audience.

  • Customization options. It must be easy for you to work with this or that site builder. Most of them allow you use visual editors (the so-called ‘WYSIWYG’ editors) that support dragging and dropping items, resizing them with a mouse, and changing their look (the latter usually refers to texts font and colors, background and on-ground pictures and buttons).

  • Uptime. If it is over 99%, you’re safe.

  • SEO tools. One of them is load times speed (how much time it takes for a site’s page to be rendered fully on a screen of a user). Others are meta tags, headings, and subheadings in the textual content, optimal images, and code, presence of ‘must-have’ pages and text on every static page of the site, helpful widgets, social media integration, blog, and so on. The more your website is SEO optimized, the more chances for it to grab high positions in search results of Google (we don’t mention other search engines as they are nothing valuable nor powerful compared to Google).


Handy tips for finding the best site builder

  • Customer services and help. When you’re stuck on anything, it is good to know where to address to and get their help if not fast then, at least, of use.

  • Cost. If you’re just playing with the future website forming a personal feeling of the value of going into online for you personally and your business, you can opt for free plans that a lot of sites offer to run for weeks. When you want something powerful, sophisticated, and professional, there is the vastness of paid plans for pros in almost every area of activity, starting with blogging ending with a web store with tens of thousands of pages.

  • Up-to-date. Every site builder you use must deliver valuable modern quality. If it won’t and you happen to design the site in such not knowing that it is outdated and poor, it may only hurt your business and reputation.

  • For more advanced users, options like coding and changing CSS will be highly useful – in that case, you can abandon only visual editors opting for more advanced site builders like WordPress if you’re really ready to dig into tonnes of lines of code.


The best option of website creation for your area

  • Bloggers. Despite the fact that an increasing number of bloggers become vloggers, textual and picture content is still highly relevant. For blogging, choose as a specifically tuned site builder to do such websites.

  • Photographers. You may try your powers in but it’s okay to choose another powerful yet user-friendly site builder like uKit.

  • Small business. Squarespace is a popular place to start your website in any direction but a web store. If you opt for the latter, choose as the site that has transparent pricing unlike and highly effective templates that lead to the strikingly powerful outcome.

  • E-commerce area is undoubtedly shared by and website builders.

  • For professionals in the area of website creating, we’d recommend uKit and Squarespace.

  • Mobile friendliness is a must in the 2020s to which we have nearly approached. To make your site beautifully support cross-platforms option, from the submitted list go for uKit, jimdo, and

  • Drag and drop is a significant part of the functionality that allows building websites to people with no technical background. We recommend you to go for for e-stores and for amazing blogs.


What consumers tell and complain about website creator

Here are 5 website builder reviews:

  1. Elizabeth from Nebraska leaves a reply about uKit: Amazingly powerful tool with so many high-performance templates that it was even hard to choose from at first. I did my new site of a writer in 2 days fine-tuning it so perfectly as I wanted it.

  2. William from West Virginia leaves feedback about It’s nice to have an AI behind the designing process but I’d really like more creative freedom in changing the result after I get it. Changes were poor and I did not get the result I wanted so I choose another website builder eventually.

  3. Olivia from Atlanta leaves a reply about great value for its money, available pricing and nice storage place in the premium subscription. I did everything I wanted, including about a dozen widgets that, I hope, increased the quality of my pages and customer satisfaction.

  4. Owen from Arkansas leaves feedback about I sell concrete so I needed a good site with many pages, customer treatment procedure, registration, cart, and many other tools. I powered my site in just three days from start to finish and it looks quite the same as I got in my head.

  5. Liam from Saskatoon, Canada, speaks about It’s one of the biggest professional website builders that I have ever dealt with. I started working with Wix but then I realized it didn’t provide me nearly 10% of what I wanted in the web store functionality. But now, as I turned to, I really can’t find a thing this site cannot do.


Frequently Asked Questions about website builder software

Can I build a website on my own?

That’s what website builders are for. No matter how profound you are in web design, Photoshop, and coding – everyone will be able to find a website builder to his or her taste. Especially if you are a newbie in the design and developer stuff – the most part of website builders is designed specifically for people like you so everyone is able to make and launch own site. But if you find the functionality of purely visual editors not enough for your sophisticated needs and taste, you can opt for other tools, more professional, more requiring coding, and giving you a better-quality product that can be equal to what developers-people would do.


So what’s the price to design and launch a site?

It usually starts with no money in the most part of website builders. Professional results with unlimited hosting and bandwidth, nice hosting and domain name, backup, gallery, many widgets and value-adding steps of various processes, as well as SSL, SEO, and the other technical stuff will require you to have a nice subscription plan if you want your website to be a really professional one and generating you money and clients. For instance, the costlier options are the web stores that usually never drop below 50 dollars a month and in such powerful website builders like or may rise up to several hundred dollars a month. This would be useful to pay only if you own a big store with about 0.5 million dollars turnover a month and higher to justify the money you will pay for the maintenance of the website.


Mobile friendliness

If we exclude such hopelessly outdated website builders from our list as and, the rest will provide you mobile and tablet friendliness. It is possible to receive this option as a basic one during a free subscription in some of them, while others are willing to give you that option only in higher-cost plans. However, as mobile friendliness is a must-have thing in the 21st century for long years now, if some website builder does not provide you this opportunity at all, we recommend you to abandon it and find an up-to-date builder.


The use of drag and drop

Drag and drop is the basis of work to build a site. It provides a user with a possibility not to know how to code and design, allowing changing things with mouse and keyboard exclusively based on the visual picture. It works like this: a user presses and holds the mouse button choosing some widget or element of the website to position it on the page. Then he releases it on the desired place and it appears on the page in the selected position. The same, using a mouse, it is possible to reshape objects of the pages and change their properties (if allowed).


Domain names – what are those and why do I need to bother?

A domain name is the ending of your website’s address. They look as ‘.com’, ‘.inf’, ‘.org’, or ‘.shop’. When you opt for a free subscription (if your website builder allows that, not pushing you to a paid version of their website creation services), you usually receive a domain name inside of their domain, so it looks like ‘’. That’s not professional and promotes not your site but the domain name of your website builder. If you want a good-looking site that will not promote anyone but you and will not have undesirable ad banners of your website builder embedded into your pages, you should choose a paid domain lying outside of the domain name of your website builder.