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Are you afraid? I was too!

If you are like me, you are apprehensive when starting something new and unfamiliar. The internet, to a consumer, is a paradise of information and shopping. The thought of having a website that someone would want to read and/or purchase something from seemed silly. I don’t have an English degree and to be frank, if it were not for spell check and my wife helping you would probably think by now that you were reading a different language.

Wealthy Affiliates StarterI do have quite a bit of sales experience, but this does not translate to the internet in most cases. When it comes to sales, the internet it is like putting every mall in the world into a search bar. Someone can buy something that is physically located in a different continent, and have it in a few days. I am going to outline how you and pretty much everyone can not only build a website, but you can start
building websites for profit now.

Time is no longer an excuse!

I used to work a very physical job for 12-15 hours a day 6-7 days a week. I would look at opportunities to make extra money or to replace my income so I could get out of the situation I was in. I would say I don’t even have time to spend with my family now, how can I take even more time away from them to take a crap shoot at making money?

Well, I was afforded the opportunity to fire myself from my job.  I went on a search for something to do that was going to allow myself more time with my family, in an attempt to make up all that time I took away from them in the past years.

I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliates after weeks of wanting to pluck my eyes out with people pitching me this mlm or that network marketing scheme. It was a simple ad that said build a website in 30 seconds. Umm, yes please! Once again I doubted and thought I didn’t have enough knowledge, but decided I was willing to see what it was all about.

Lack of knowledge is no longer and excuse!

I had about 3 weeks of very limited training with web design, seo and internet marketing many years ago. 99 percent of all that training was either obsolete or not in my brain any longer. So, I am no different then majority of the people who look at the internet and think you have to have a computer science degree, or have tape holding your glasses together to be able to do it.

Wealthy Affiliates has put together an extremely easy system that allows anyone and everyone the ability to build a website from scratch. The training videos, material and platform have made it easy to learn and perform the tasks to build a very successful website.


With any business or venture that you start, it is best to surround yourself with like-minded people who share your passion. Wealthy Affiliates has provided this along with their time saving technology and training tools.

The community is made up of people that are just like you, along with people who have been there done that. It is a great idea that Wealthy Affiliates has put together. People can bounce ideas off each other, ask questions and get help pretty much 24/7.


Choosing a niche

This should be a very simple task. A niche is what you are going to build your website around. Let me ask you, what are you most passionate about? What is your favorite thing to do? What do you spend the most time doing away from work? You probably have your niche now, you can thank me later.

Content is the key!

As I stated above, I am no journalism or literature major. Guess what, you don’t need to be! You would be surprised if you really paid attention to spelling and grammar online. There are so many mistakes. The fact of the matter is that google is not your teacher with a red pen looking for every mistake.

Content is though! It is one of the most important elements to getting your website noticed by the search engines. So, you do need to realize this is what will take majority of your time, and make you the most money.

Write what you are passionate about so that you don’t make yourself fall asleep while writing. Be creative, have fun and speak from your heart. This will all lead to more content, gain trust from your readers and ultimately have them click on your recommended ads.

Your site does not need to be flashy

Depending on your niche you really don’t need to be flashy with rotating banners or pictures all over the place or background designs. This especially holds true at the beginning. You have plenty of time to get creative. Build the foundation for your website, write the content and that will lead to success.

In fact, people who stumble upon your website will not gain trust from a picture or a design unless you are selling yourself. Case and point- if you are writing a family blog or a blog type site that will consist of your writing to sell ads, then you will need to focus on adding pictures of yourself and other things that pertain to your particular niche. Though this will gain some visual trust your content is still far more important.

Are you ready for your journey? Have I helped ease your nerves?

Let me help you achieve your goals!


I am always available here on this site. You can leave me comments below, or you can find me within the community at Wealthy Affiliates along with the other professionals that will be going through the process with you. Feel free to ask anything or leave your thoughts at anytime.


Thank you,




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