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Clientivity SiteClientivity Vegas/My Vegas Business

Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100
Price: $100/$77 
Owners: Troy Arnold

What is Clientivity Vegas / My Vegas Business

Clientivity Vegas and MVB are one in the same and claims to offer everyone the opportunity to succeed with Troy Arnold proven business strategies. What are these strategies? They partner with Las Vegas hotel, attractions etc., in the attempt to offer lower costs then other travel agencies like Expedia or even the hotels themselves can offer you.

A person that signs up for their companies service receives a “Custom” website that has their name on it and that person offers to the internet the discounts. The person then would need to get ranked within Clientivity Sample Designthe search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to drive traffic to their site.

Then Troy explains that they have “award winning” customer service that takes it from there. They would answer questions, book the accommodations and you get paid!

Skeptical? Ha, I was too! Please read the full review to find out some of the research that I did to come to my conclusion that Clientivity Vegas/MVB may not be a complete scam, but they certainly, in my opinion, haven’t lived up to what Troy has claimed.


Ughhh Nevermind

If you have read any of my reviews in the past I usually list off any positives or negatives, tell you who this product might be for and get into more detail about the training and support. Instead of doing this I will tell you why I chose to not sign up for Clientivity Vegas, MVB or Troy Arnold’s system. Let’s be honest, if it was that great of a deal I would have signed up and been doing it and not writing this review.

Clientivity MVB TAMy First Red Flag

I had a (in his own words) 20 something year old person on a poorly done video telling me that he has a proven system that has made him millions. He was listing off all his achievements and how his system has proven itself. There are very few mid 20 year old’s that have accomplished what he says he has done and proven that his system got him there. It might be possible that he has achieved some of what he claimed, but I have a hard time believing that they were achieved with “his” system. Also in order to be involved with some of the ventures he claimed he was in, you have to have serious capital, which I find hard that he raised on his own.

Second Red Flag

I decided for the sake of doing my due diligence I would watch the video till the very end, even when every fiber of my being wanted not to. Troy continued throughout the video to show off everything flashy he has and tell us how he once had nothing when living at his parents. Clientivity MVB try to leave

He towards the end kept stressing the word NOW, like it was a life or death situation. He even used quotes from some very famous actual proven people about successful people not waiting. So I finished the video and when I went to close the browser I got a desperate pop up that said “wait before you go we have something special for you.”  

MVB DesperationMaking me laugh was about the best thing that could have happened, but wait there is more. I clicked the x on the navigation confirmation instead of the browser and got another one. This one on the left you can read yourself. I lost it with their sheer desperation for trying to sell someone.

No business should try that hard to sign someone up. These are the types of tactics that unscrupulous businesses practice. Throughout Troys video he talk about how honest they are. His honesty doesn’t add up.

Last Straw for me if I needed one

Not that I needed to go any deeper into detail at this point, but I decided to do some searches on Troy Arnold. I didn’t do this to bash him, I only want to be able to give an accurate grade on my 0-100 scale that I do on my reviews.

What I found made me fall off my chair. Their was a article about the owners of Vegas Good Buysand Troy was one of them so I clicked on it. It appears to me that Troy and his partners have a landing site that competes with their Clientivity Vegas partners. They sell the discount service themselves.

They do have an affiliate link that directs people to Clientivity Vegas, but I can only wonder where the sales commission goes to when a traveler purchases there accommodations from this site. Even if I gave the benefit of the doubt, and think that maybe they refer it to a Clientivity Vegas associate, there are too many other glaringly obvious red flag for me to sign up.

My conclusion

Normally with my reviews I would get into what it costs and the back office of the company, like training and tools that are offered. If you can’t tell I would never sign up with Clientivity/MVB so I would never refer you the reader of my reviews to them.

I also usually leave you links to sign up with them if you choose, because even though I may not give a company the greatest of reviews, at times I can make a referral for doing so. Again I wouldn’t want the blood on my shirt if you got burned.

I would love to tell you what I do instead by leaving you a link to that review (just click here). If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.


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  1. Tiffaney Lewis says:

    Very good site to learn how to make money for home . Great job.

    1. Adam says:


      Thank you I am glad you could gain something from it!


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