How to Learn How to Build a Website: Don’t think you can?

My personal story of how I came to building websitesCrossroads

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis several years ago and I have a physical job, so I knew that I would not be doing it forever. A Pastor of mine from where we used to live recently asked me and my family to move and help him plant a new Church in another state. I took this as God was telling me to stop killing myself working that job and go help. With that I was left with what to do.

My Wife and I discussed many scenarios. What we knew for sure was we wanted for me to not have to work 12 plus hours of hard labor 6-7 days a week anymore. We also had a desire to have me be at home more. My Wife homeshools the kids so me being around more would allow for some quality time that the family has deserved for a long time.

We discussed what kind of jobs I could do to accomplish what we wanted for our family. My Wife said, what about doing a website like we’ve talked about before. I then asked her how do I even find out how to learn how to build a website. She said, hopefully not by saying how 10 more times. She’s a hilarious!

WWWLearning How to Build a Website

I know learning how to build a website can be a daunting task. I have asked myself several times in the past 15 years if I wanted to take the time to learn how to build a website. Time and some insecurity about learning has always been the excuse for why I didn’t.

When my Wife and I decided we would look into it, I again was a little apprehensive. I started the usual way by looking up ways to get educated in website development. I was finding everything from community college courses to pricey online courses that I didn’t know for sure I would gain anything from. At least at a community college I get course credit from it.¬†Knowing I really didn’t want to go to college and sit in a classroom after being away from that for so many years, I was growing frustrated.

I spent several more days doing research and I decided, maybe I needed to try and look into other stay at home opportunities till we move. Any of you that have maybe done this can attest that this is even worse when it comes to scams or low paying and too good to be true companies.

One day soon thereafter I responded to an ad that was posted in the area that we were moving to, even though it seemed to good to be true I felt that we would be close to the source if I needed to get help. They responded to me with the typical MLM answers, but provided me with the name of the company. I started researching who they were and looking up reviews on them.

My research brought me full circleResearch

When I was researching about the company that responded to me I of course was reading review after review saying that they were a scam. I have played this game enough to know that when you have so many people saying you are a scam then you probably are.

One review stood out to me in particular. Mid way through the review the person reviewing mentioned a similar story to mine about always wanting to develop websites. He shared that not knowing how to until he found the company that trained him. He shared a small link to a review that he did of that company, on the review of his I was currently reading. I appreciated that because it didn’t take away from reviewing what I was trying to read and also the link gave me the opportunity to read it when I was done.

I found who was going to learn from

The review title of the company that he linked to the last review was Wealthy Affiliate Review: Hands on learning for free. Now I was skeptical, but I know that titles are meant to draw people in so I pressed on with reading. He went on to explain that Wealthy Affiliate allows people to start a website for FREE with no credit card required. I was a little more interested now of course, so I kept reading.

The review went on saying that Wealthy Affiliate once you start your free website that for 7 days I would have full access to a community that would help me with it along with some free training classes during that time as well. The last thing that sold me on looking at it for sure was it said that I can keep the website after the 7 days and that I would just be limited to the access of some of the features.

Wealthy Affiliates StarterMy free 7 days with Wealthy Affiliates lasted 3 but not because of why you think.

I started my journey with Wealthy Affiliate with only expecting to get some knowledge during the 7 days. I was hoping to be able to decide if I should keep thinking about developing websites or not. I had my own sub-domain name within a few min and was directed to my first lesson.

Over the next 24 hours I took class after class because it was seriously quality teaching with video walk-thru’s that had you do little bits at a time so that the lessons stick. Each lesson had simple step by step tasks to finish them off, before the end of the first day I had a pretty decent looking website.

I also was introduced to a community of people that were on the same lessons I was as well as people that had been through it and lastly with people who have completed several sites and were there to help people with theirs. The community helps each other review each others work and help get the websites where they need to be.

By the third day I had done enough lessons and worked with a like-minded community, I had seen enough to make a conscience decision. I was also pleasantly surprised that upgrading to premium didn’t come with anymore attachments and that it doesn’t even cost what a college class costs a month.

I was on my way to building websites for profitTeam

Today I am so happy I made the choice, I have learned so much and can say that I feel that the training at Wealthy Affiliate is top notch. I also feel that it is as good as you could get at a school, but even better considering the fact that I was building a business at the same time.

Lets be honest, no business makes money quick. This is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to put in some effort, learn and be whiling to be patient with the process. If you choose to look into Wealthy Affiliate as I did, I encourage you to take advantage of the free 7 days.

This will show you that Wealthy Affiliate is transparent with what it offers and gives you the opportunity to see everything that you get in the premium account before the 7 days are up. This was very cool for me because it showed that they were not afraid of being held accountable for not following through. You knew what you were going to actually get before you pay a dime!

Free tagI know HOW MUCH?

Wealthy Affiliate offers the following:

Starter Membership: FREE

Premium Membership: $47 per month / $19 first month

Premium Yearly Membership: $359 per year / $205 per year savings


4 Thoughts on “How to Learn How to Build a Website: Don’t think you can?

  1. Oral says:

    A very good review of WA. I found it in a similar way as you did Adam, by reading someone’s review of scams and he recommended WA. I have had no regrets and believe others will not. Good work.

    1. Adam says:


      Thank you for reading and I am glad that you found Wealthy Affiliate. I am excited where we are all going and to see our success!

      Thank you,


  2. Raphy says:

    Great read! I totally agree with you, getting into the business of websites is a daunting task – heck, I’ve been in the field of multimedia for 16 years, and it’s still a challenge to put it all together.

    I do agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great choice for getting into the website business. The courses are amazing, the guidance that you get from them is extremely helpful, and you get the support of everyone in the community.

    I hope people will consider Wealthy Affiliate too!

    1. Adam says:


      Thank you so much for confirming my article and I wish you the best of luck!

      Thank you,


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