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Overall Ranking: 70 of 100
Price: Varies (Too many products to list)
Owners: Ryan Blair (CEO) , Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola (Founders)


A Personal Introduction to Visalus

The question of the day… Is Visalus a scam? To start, I have a vast knowledge of Visalus at its infancy, from back years ago when Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola were pounding the pavements of Southern California. 

I was introduced to Visalus’s one product (Vi Pak) at the time by a friend of mine who sent me a text and asked if I had some time for a call to introduce me to a product that can make me a ton of money, and that I could get healthy while doing it. Now, I have been confronted by “network marketing” products a few times before this but because he was a friend I decided to give him my time.

I answered the phone call expecting to have my friend talk to me about the product. Instead I got three people on three different phones on a conference call. It was glaringly obvious I was about to be read a script, with out a doubt I got it.  Again, I gave the situation grace because of my friend. 

By the end of the call I got sold! (Ughhh) I will be honest I got sold out of desperation because my career

Visalus Training

Visalus Training

as a Mortgage and Real Estate professional was coming to a grinding halt. I wasn’t really comfortable with it at all. I had to give up my credit card within 30 minutes of the phone call and committing to a supplement product that I never tried before for $125 reoccurring a month. Remember I was desperate, if you couldn’t tell!

I have a very long story that goes along with this but I will blog this at a later date and post a link here.

So the short version of the rest of the story is- I spent the next 10 months to a year going to this conference to that conference, spending thousands of dollars getting trained and equipped to sell the product and promote the distributorship. I made money during this time but it was NEVER equal or more then the money I spent. It sucked the life out of me.

There are people making money, but you have to be the MLM, Network Marketing and Pyramid Scheme master that all the other companies like Visalus has. You must push, pull and call family, friends and strangers within your down-line. You have to convince them that their lives will not be the same without it.

FULL DISCLOSURE about the products from Visalus

Visalus Products

Visalus Products

ALL the products I have taken from Visalus have been very good, actually help me feel better and my general health improved!

The disappointment in this is that although it was a top notch product, unless you made money promoting it you have to spend a min of 125 dollars a month. This was a large amount to pay for one persons supplements for a month. Now if you buy into the products as I did, and feel that they are quality products that can be better than their major competitors and big retailers carry, you are going to want you family to consume this as well.

Now times the 125 by two and add another 120 (estimate I cant remember exactly) for your kids, now your at 370 a month for your family. Being the fact that I decided that I could not any longer promote the product I would have needed to fork out 370 a month.

The conclusion to my personal experience of Visalus is GREAT products but WAY overpriced if you

Tony and Aly Success

Tony and Aly Success

choose not to promote the product. If you do by chance want to try these products I do recommend going through Tony Belden (Click Here for his site). I have zero financial gain from that referral, he is just very successful with Visalus and has a vast knowledge of the products. He is a personal friend and a weight loss success story by using Visalus. 

Positive things about Visalus

  • I can’t even begin to tell you the high quality of the products that they offer.
  • They do have training and will train anyone.
  • They are making a difference when you step back and look at some of the health success stories.
  • They promote paying it forward and most people who make money give to charities/missions
  • They have Dr. Seidman who created these products with nothing more then health in mind.
    • You should check his bio out when you have time. Amazing!

Downside of Visalus

  • Without a doubt if you are looking at distributorship it is a MLM
  • You have a significant investment to endure before you make money
  • BMWI Told U So
    • Yes you can get a BMW but you better be able to make sure you can make enough to stay within the qualifications for it.
    • The “I Told You” slogan they place on the cars is down right rude and disrespectful!
  • Definitely better be prepared to sell to Aunt Betty and Uncle Joe

Who is Visalus for:

They make claims that Visalus is for everyone. My personal experience is if you can buy into their program and be lucky enough to get 3 people, then 9 people, then so on and so on, to buy into the program then anyone can do it.

Also, unless you are already completely physically fit or can make the transformation of becoming physically fit, then you can’t do very well with Visalus. Like my friend Tony and his wife Alyson, they did awesome with loosing the weight and changing their lives.

Training FoundersWhat kind of training and tools does Visalus offer?

Visalus has a very intricate and detailed training system. They will train you as fast as your upline can handle it. It is/was very scripted and spelled out. Some people need it that way, but I find that people become a robot when trained like this.

I think that the best way to train would be to let people work with their own skill sets and talk to people the way they feel comfortable. Take the Wealthy Affiliate approach of having people work within their niche. That is no different than talking to people organically and trying to discuss why people would want Visalus.

I do think that Visalus tries to be this way, but they are limited by the upline and trainers that they have available at the time. They have most of the quality trainers available at conferences that have thousands of people there. Good luck being one of the few that get to them.

Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate have done an exceptional job of training people of all walks of life. If you are a hillbilly, then pick your audience who you can relate to. If you are a carpenter go pick your niche that you can get passionate about. Visalus is just strapped when it comes to training because there is practically one method to convert, and if the distributor is not of the same peer group then they are going to fail.

The back end office of VisalusVisalus Office

I am not sure if the back end office side of Visalus has changed, but when I was there they did an okay job with the amount of stuff they had to do. It appeared to be under staffed at the time but for a fairly new company, I guess that was to be expected.

I did not care for the automatic withdrawal, but to be honest that is going to happen with pretty much any company offering a distributor or independent operator position.

I also had a pretty hard time returning items, getting credit and when I resigned I would still get charged from time to time for at least a year. I don’t care for surprises in my bank account.

Worshiping MoneyThe cost of Visalus

Again things sure could have changed, but if you are a distributor you are also a customer. They essentially would give you distributorship status as long as you were a customer. It would have been nice to be able to promote the product without having to be a monthly customer. At least in the beginning so that you could get some income coming in so, that you could afford the product that you feel is worth referring. 

The price of the product may be very high, but it is this way because Visalus is set up as an MLM and they have to pay the downline before they make their money. Basically if this was a retail item in a mall retail store I feel the prices would be appropriate. The product would be far superior to the other brands that are in the store.

NO JOKE I just found them for sale on Amazon. Very interesting!

If you care to look into what I feel is a quality product without having to deal with the MLM side of things I will provide a couple links below to Amazon.



Final conclusion with Visalus

Visalus is 70% legit 

  • I cannot ignore the MLM sales side of Visalus! Normally, I would have an MLM with a much lower rating because I am the kind of person who just can not conduct business in that way.
  • BUT and I do mean BUT, their product are extremely good for you, well tested and proven to work.Wealthy Affiliates Starter

I recommend that if you are looking into a business where you can make money aside of your job you have now, and you don’t want to be the kind of sales person who has to ask family, friends and everyone to use a product that is grossly over priced in order for you and them to get paid, then check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate (Click here). I promise you wont regret it.

If you have any questions or comment please feel free to leave them below or you can visit my profile page within Wealthy Affiliate. (Chick here)

Thank you,




12 Thoughts on “Is Visalus a Scam – Body by VI

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Adam,

    I’m on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to being a health nut. I think supplements are just that, supplements. I buy them too, but not as much as Visalus would want. One can’t solely rely on supplements to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s just too expensive.

    I just started a semi-rigid meal plan from Team Beach Body last week, and my grocery bill skyrocketed! Needless to say I don’t go out to lunch or dinner very often. I don’t buy any of Beach Body’s products, because while they’re high-quality, they cost too prohibitive.

    I bought a tub of whey protein from my local Vitamin Shoppe a few months back for about $50 on SALE, and I’m about half way through it. I also buy meal replacement shakes at $23 for a 7-10 day supply.

    I can’t imagine if I had to shell out another $125+ for products from a place like Visalus.

    I started feeling GREAT after less than a week on my meal plan where I have to prepare my own food. Other health products and supplements are good to have because they’re convenient, but you have to use them somewhat sparingly. Otherwise you’ll just be a healthy person living in the poorhouse.

    I enjoyed your review. However, because of Visalus’ business structure, plus the costs of their overpriced priced products I’d rate them at 50 or 55/100.

    To be honest, you really don’t need supplements AT ALL. Just make better eating choices, and do it in moderation.

    Just my two cents.


    1. Adam says:


      Thank you so much for your testimony and review of my post. I agree with you that it all comes down to food choices and moderation. We too by things like protein powders for juicing and coconut oil, cranberry extract and many others. I have Multiple Scurrilous so eating properly is very important. Also SUGAR is what kills so many people. I am trying my darn-dist to get rid of sugar. The nutritionist that I have spoken to and the research that I have done shows that people with autoimmune diseases can reverse many of their symptoms by cutting out the sugar.

      People can do without breaking the bank. My point with Visalus is that because they have the MLM system they have grossly over charge for a product that in my opinion I would use and recommend for a better life style. I did find it interesting the Visalus was getting sold on Amazon. I wonder how that works with their distributors.

      Thank you again for your quality comment and response to my article.


  2. Sean says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for this review. I’ve recently been doing some research into how MLMs work myself, and I’ve found it to be quite a lot to get my head around.

    It’s great to see such an honest review, with all the positives and negatives clearly spelled out!

    Take care,

    1. Adam says:


      Thank you for your comments and I am glad that you chose to use it for research into a topic that I feel that I have a bit of knowledge about. When it boils down to most any MLM, they need to grossly over charge for what usually is a premium good product so that they can pay their LEVELS of distributors. It would be like any product you see in a grocery store having to pay 7 or so people because they talked to grocery store into selling it.

      This model of paying levels happens in the traditional corporate world as well but it is done in a much lower incentive and focuses on volume not high margins on each item. I worked in this market as well. There is levels of companies that get paid before the products get to the store but we are talking pennies per item in comparison to the gross amount that MLM’s pay per sale.

      I hope that you found this article useful in your research and again thank you for taking the time.


  3. Murphy says:

    Hi Adam,

    Great review! Especially on the BMW part. Luxury life is most MLM’s marketing gimmick to attack desperate people to join. But no one will tell the pressure they face to maintain that kind of lifestyle.

    1. Adam says:


      Thank you for reading my post! I appreciate the comment and I agree that too many people focus on the material things and MLM companies focus on this desire.

      Thank you,


  4. Dallas says:

    You nailed this review bro! It was extremely thorough and complete…I had no knowledge of this product nor company until today. I feel very informed now if I was ever introduced to it by someone.


    1. Adam says:


      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment! I am glad you gained some knowledge and feel well equipped when discussing Visalus with someone.

      Thank you,


  5. Stephanie says:

    Hi Adam:

    Thank you for your honest opinion of the MLM scheme. I was suckered into a company like that too called Arbonne and yeah, some people made money but like your experience with Visalus you had to continually buy into it every month by buying their products and they were overpriced too. I also had one of those conference type phone calls when my so-called-friend got me suckered into it. Yes the products were good, but I did not make enough money from it either and spent more than what I made for sure.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great choice and thank you for the comparison of the two types of business.


    1. Adam says:


      Thank you for your great comment! I know Arbonne pretty well too. I was not suckered into that one but my Wife was pitched on it a few times. We were already very aware of the MLM game by that time. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

      Thank you,


  6. Riaz Shah says:

    Great review here Adam, very detailed. You’re very kind to give it a 70% rating even with the MLM though, if it were me I would rate it much lower. Though some MLMs have great product, their monthly expenses are really overpriced which makes it hard for the little guy to succeed. Nevertheless, interesting read and i appreciate you taking the time to write this down man, best of luck!

    1. Adam says:


      Your right, I was very generous with my rating at 70%. I only did this because of the high quality of their products. I made it VERY clear in my review my feelings on the MLM side of Visalus and others like them. I felt that majority of people who will read this review will have enough background with MLM’s to understand that. I wanted to drive home that the products are superior to even the top products in the retail market and that I don’t take them anymore because they are an MLM. Hence the problem with many MLM’s. Essentially you cannot consume the product even if it is a superior product unless you are a part of the MLM.

      Thank you for taking the time to read!


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