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Upwork (Formally Odesk)Upwork Main Page
Overall Ranking: 85 out of 100
Price: See Upwork Costs below
Owners: CEO – Stephane Kasriel
Website: Upwork.com

Who is Upwork

I came across Upwork.com while reading a Bankrate.com article about REAL stay at home jobs.  Here is the article if you would like to read it yourself (10 best (and real) work-at-home jobs). Like many of you I have a desire to work from home and be with my family more often. 

Upwork who was formally known as Elance-Odesk is a organization that connects companies that need work done with people who are freelancers. Freelancers are self-employed individuals who work for one or more companies at a time and usually from wherever they would like to work.Upwork Categories

The companies that use Upwork services, post a request for a freelancer and within the post say the requirement for the position. Freelancers can also give a Bio/Profile so that companies have a list of freelancers to choose from if they prefer to do it that way instead.

The profile in which the freelancer fills out displays a description of their background, education and work history. It also allows them to list any certificates or diplomas that they have received.

A walk-thru of becoming a freelancerUpwork Create a Freelance Profile

If you want to become a freelancer of Upwork, they have a very easy to follow but detailed system to set up an account. First you click “become a freelancer” on the top right of the main home page. You are then directed to the page that will start your application process.

Upwork Freelance ProfileYou are then led to a page that will ask you to choose your area of expertise. They will offer you examples of what these fields covers when you click on them. Once you have chosen an area, they ask you to fill in your title, description of your skills and background, education and work history. They are very helpful with suggestions as to what to put down. Almost every field that you need to fill in has a description that will best help the clients choose you.

Once you fill out your application and hit save comes the moment that everyone expects, the up sell! Its Upwork Freelance upsellnot bad, but I tell you I was slightly upset after going through that much of the process. They have what they call connects and you get 60 with the free account and they disclose that the average job takes between 1-5 connects. The Plus Membership costs $10 and gives you 70 a month, but it comes with rollover. The Plus did come with some other features that seemed neat, but not enough for me to want to do it without testing the process first. If you are looking for a FREE education into a home business I do know one. Here is the review I wrote for them.

Upwork makes majority of their money by allowing you to set a bill rate for the companies that want your professional services. They take 10% of your bill rate as their fee. I don’t find this to be out of line for what is being offered. I kind of view it as a temp to hire  type company who gets paid over and above what you would get paid when they found you a job.

When you are done choosing your membership they give you an option to see your profile or submit to Upwork for review. Once you are accepted (almost immediately for me) you are sent to a page that will allow you to do the last two steps before being able to submit for jobs, or have your profile available for viewing.

Upwork Freelance Skill TestsThey ask you to read their freelancer guide and policies and take three skill test. Be prepared the tests are no joke. They tend to all be about 40 questions and they say they should not take more then 40 minutes. You can scan through the 5 pages of tests, once you click on them it will give you a description of what the test goes over. It also lets you know what area of expertise it covers and how many people within Upwork has passed the test and taken the test. Ha, you can do the math and see how many people have failed.

They allow you to take unlimited tests to increase the chances someone requests your work, but if you fail you have to wait 30 days for it to be free again. I have not gotten to the failing point as of yet but they insinuate that you can pay to be able to do it before the 30 days is up.

Once this happens you are pretty much ready to roll, They are good about helping with getting you to where you need to be to get work.

PositivesPositive and Negative

  • Real work
  • Get more jobs and rehires by the quality of work that is performed
    • With the limited connects you will need them
  • Plenty of jobs available
  • Freelancers choose their pay rate
  • Ability to continue your profile strength


  • There are some unreliable people who post jobs
  • May have to weed thru several jobs to get one, or one that you want
  • Limit to amount of jobs you can take with the connect counts
  • They Charge for membership and take 10% of bill rate
  • You need to be really good at selling yourself in order to hired for great positions

Who can use Upwork

Upwork can certainly be used by anyone, but I caution people to not to outstretch their true skill limits. This can be easy to do with how Upwork is set up. You can inflate your true ability and you will be expected to perform the duties that the employer requires. By doing this you may ruin your reputation within Upwork and not get any future jobs.

TrainingTraining and Support

I have not been using very long so I cannot be 100% accurate to the training and support that Upwork provides, but I can tell you that from what I have seen so far they have a good source of training and it is pretty visible that they are whiling to help when you need it.

If for some reason you want to work with Upwork and just don’t feel confident yet that you have the skills to freelance in some or all of the area of expertise they offer work for, I can recommend using Wealthy Affiliates 7 FREE days of training in website development, Keyword, SEO and much more. By doing so you will have some skills to continue with them and be successful or come back to Upwork or do both.

Upwork Costs

I only looked into the costs to become a freelancer, so I am sure there are also costs to become a partner with them in which to have the ability to request to use a freelancer.

Free Membership – FREE (Includes 60 Connects)

Plus Membership – $10 (Includes 70 Connects and a few other features)

Upwork takes 10% of what you set as your bill rate as their fee.

*Discription of a Connect is in the article above

Final OpinionOpinion

Upwork can be a good tool to build a reputation in an area that you have some experience in as long as you can perform the duties that the hiring company is looking for. This will create a rehire situation in which you will get consistent work without needing to find it. 

One of my only concerns are that you will either not have enough time to gain more skills in order to increase your bill rate and make the amount of money that you might need, or your reputation will get tarnished by erroneous companies who will say that you did not perform the duties required and not get consistent work.

I am whiling to give upwork a try, but as always I will keep my guard up and will update this post as needed, positive or negative.

Overall Ranking: 85 out of 100
Price: See Upwork Costs above
Owners: CEO – Stephane Kasriel
Website: Upwork.com

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of Upwork and I hope that you may have found it useful. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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